February 11, 2022 to January 2, 2023
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Cell Worlds invites you on an Art & Science journey into an unknown microscopic world: the human.

Our primary goal is to take microscopy images where they have never gone.

Beyond scientists' laboratories and hard drives, closer to the general public. 

Here, everything is real, and above all alive. Each image represents real cells : from the electrifying neuron to the fragile embryo, passing through the melancholic blood flows of the brain. Discover a world of shimmering colors and incredible diversity. 

Cell Worlds is a scientific, educational and artistic world first, featuring the microscopic Living being in proportions never before attempted. It is also one of the largest showcases of scientific research, bringing together nearly 25 research teams from institutes around the world. (France, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Austria) .

Through wonder, this journey will arouse your scientific curiosity. Beyond simple entertainment, Cell Worlds invites you to reconnect with the microscopic living world, today too unknown, too little contemplated and sometimes too mystified.

Art direction and design: Terence Saulnier and Renaud Pourpre
Composition of the soundtrack: Youenn Lerb
Supporting structures: Culturespaces , Arcanae , L'Exploratoire

COM Cell Immersion-11.jpg