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How to make the cells speak, so that they address our emotions, our feelings?

If Cell Worlds is part of an Open Science approach, it must adopt a universal language. This is why, from the beginning of the project, it was a question of creating powerful, spectacular music to support the narration and make the journey, in this world so mysterious, magical.


Youenn Lerb is a composer familiar with the hybridization of musical styles. For Cell Worlds, it is through the mixture of electronics and orchestra that he makes the unknown universe of cells resonate; sometimes using the finesse and fragility of bowed strings, sometimes passing through the power and warmth of brass, all supported by the precise rigor of organic samples, rhythm boxes and various synthesizers.

For the demystification to be complete, the projection of the spectator in moments of contemplation is essential. Thus, the soundtrack follows a structure leaving room for numerous passages of meditation and introspection. The latter contrast with more hectic, agitated, or luminous crossings giving rebounds in the narration.


The spectator's experience would not be complete if he cannot prolong it thanks to his imagination. To go in this direction, the soundtrack was composed to reconstitute audibly the visuals of the documentary and the exhibition. Also, the two works are available in their entirety on all audio streaming platforms, perpetuating the immersion.

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Find the composer's networks: @youennlerb |

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